Ready to See Big Results from Your Small Business?

Vision boards are great and mindmaps rock, but what you really need is a plan that focuses on PROFIT!

Running a small business is tough work and the to-do list is never-ending. So finding time to create or update your business plan can seem like the last thing you have time for.


Creating an annual Plan that focuses on how you're going to make money, what content you need to create to get there, and how to leverage your products and services effectively can make a BIG IMPACT in your business. THAT'S A PROFIT PLAN!

We'll Do It All Together - Step-by-Step to Success!

Four Week Mastermind with Instant Access to e-Course Content & Weekly Live Virtual Support Sessions

  • Live Sessions

    Weekly live sessions teach everything you need to know! It's also a great chance for group mentoring and feedback. I'll show you how to brainstorm and mindmap your plan efficiently and effectively!

  • Weekly Challenges

    Weekly challenges help you stay on track to follow up on what we covered in the live sessions. Recordings of the live sessions, plus bonus videos and step by step guidance will be waiting for you each week.

  • Community Support

    Complete the challenge and post your plan for feedback from me and the group! It's like having your own marketing team to get input from! Make great connections and finish the mastermind with a Plan for Profit in 2021!

'Tis the Season for Business Planning 2021

Do you work best with a framework, accountability and support? Just wondering where to start? If so, you're in the right place!!

It's time to get organized and strategic for your best year ever!

Do you need some inspiration and guidance on how to plan for a profitable year? On how to make your marketing make money and your content to create cash flow? A Profit Plan will CHANGE your business! It will focus on creating content to make sales, not just to fill your feed. Knowing what you are going to be selling/promoting drives everything...what to post, what you're talking to customers's a game-changer. Let's have some fun in a supportive environment and work together to create your 2021 Profit Plan.

The Profit Plan Mastermind walks you through 4 weeks of planning to get your business off to a great start! This 4-week mastermind is easy to do, with short live immersive sessions once a week, and on demand content jam-packed with actionable tasks, tips, and resources, and a community to support you.

Let's Plan Your Best Year Ever...Together!

What's So Different About a Profit Plan?

You're in business to make's time to make sure you're strategic about making that happen!

Business plans help you figure out your business structure and marketing plans help you know what to say and where to say it...but PROFIT PLANS make sure that everything you're doing strategically leads to Profits!
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What We'll Cover

Live Learning Sessions, Weekly Challenges, Self-Paced eCourse Resources & Community Support

  • 1
  • 2

    Getting Ready

    • Prep Work - It's almost go time!

  • 3

    Week 1 - Mindmap/Brainstorm

    • Create Your Mindmap to Identify Profitable Offerings

  • 4

    Week 2 - Refine Your Offerings

    • Refine Your Offerings for 2021

  • 5

    Week 3 - Creating Your Plan

    • Creating Your Profit Plan

  • 6

    Week 4 - Put Your Profit Plan to Work

    • Using Your Profit Plan

  • 7

    Wrap Up

    • Before you go...

  • You're READY! Ready to make a big impact on your business and know you need a good plan to get there.
  • You're focused on making a profit this year and are tired of spinning your wheels working without seeing the rewards.
  • You want to take action on your ideas and know you need a plan to keep you on track.
  • You know how distracting new ideas, life, etc can be and are committed to slicing through the distractions to achieve your goals!
  • You like to vision board and mindmap but need something more concrete to meet your goals.
  • You just need a place to start.

Ready to Create Your Profit Plan?

The Profit Plan Mastermind begins January 1st - Registration is OPEN NOW!

I'm a coffee obsessed, e-course creating, tech minded, virtually based mentor for women entrepreneurs.

Fourteen years ago, while I was on maternity leave from my corporate project management training job, a friend called and asked if I could help her start a business.  At the time I worked on lots of little projects and frequently talked about how it felt like I ran a bunch of small businesses. We met for coffee and the rest is history. I helped her and then another mutual friend called. I loved helping my friends and sharing what I had learned. Over the last decade, I have put that expertise to use again and again for clients. Times have changed, social media has evolved, but the principles of productivity, efficiency, and systems that I teach in my masterminds and e-courses are still true. 

I've taught more than 11,000 entrepreneurs in 150 countries around the world how to be efficient and effective in achieving their goals. 

I truly feel that you can maximize your time, money, and efforts using the power of tech and automation. I'm the oldest of four siblings and a mom of three kids. I understand the need for speed and efficiency when it comes to getting work done. 

Best of all, I love meeting entrepreneurs ready to ROCK THE WORLD! Grab a cup of coffee and get registered! I'd love to get to know you in an upcoming mastermind and work together on your goals.