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You'll get instant access to all course content teaching you how to mindmap your marketing, craft your content, create your graphics, and schedule your posts.

If you are so busy running your business, that you don't have time to focus on GROWING your business, this e-course and virtual workshop is for you!

Work at your own pace, and join me each week for a live support session and Q&A. Don't wait another minute to create a consistent cash flow in your business with a marketing plan, and a system for creating your marketing calmly.

This is co-working at it's best! Accountability, Action, Results!

Live sessions will be held each Friday August 7th - August 28th at 10AM CST. All sessions are recorded and added to the course materials so you can re-watch, catch up, and participate, even if you can't make it live!

We'll Do It All Together

  • Plan

    Together we'll brainstorm, mind-map, and create a marketing plan. That plan drives the content you need to produce.

  • Produce

    Put your plan into action. It's time to create your posts, find your graphics, and pull together your message.

  • Post

    We'll cover scheduling tools, batching best practices, and take everything you've produced and put it to work.

E-Course Content & Virtual Workshop Schedule

Instant Access to All Modules & All Live Sessions are Recorded!

  • 1
  • 2

    Getting Ready

    • Prep Work - Get Ready to Fast Track Your Marketing

  • 3


    • Step 1 - Mindmap Your Marketing

    • Why You Need an Annual Marketing Plan

    • How I make My Marketing Plan

    • Creating Your MindMap for Your Marketing Plan

  • 4

    Creating The Plan

    • Step 2 - Pick Your Platform & Pinpoint the Painpoints

    • Knowing Your Target Audience

    • How to Speak to Your Clients Pain Points

  • 5

    Creating Your Content

    • Step 3 - Craft the Content

    • What kind of marketing content are you creating?

    • Speak to Your Audience with Your Content

    • Craft Your Content

  • 6

    Create Your Visuals

    • Step 4 - Graphics Grab Them

    • Creating an Account on Canva

    • Leverage the Canva Brand Kit

    • Generate your Graphics in Batches

  • 7

    Post it All

    • Step 5 - Review, Schedule, Post

    • Scheduling Tools Overview

    • Consistency is Key and Scheduling Works

    • My process for scheduling 90 days of content

  • 8

    Wrap Up

    • Before you go...

Invest In Your Business

Consistency is Key! Let's Create 30+ days of Marketing Content and Start Selling What You Do Best

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