What We Cover

  • Branding

    We'll do a quick recap of what you need to know to get started on building your website using your branding and imagery for a cohesive and professional look.

  • Content

    We'll walk through creating the 5 key content pieces every website needs. Use our digital downloads to quickly craft your message and have it ready for your website.

  • Icon & text

    Step by step we'll walk through everything you need to know to build your own website on Wix. These guided tutorials will show you how to do each step and then give you the chance to build your site right along with me.

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2

    Website Design 101

    • Wix Overivew

    • Website Design Worksheet Overview

  • 3

    Branding 101

    • Branding101

    • CreateaStyleGuide

    • StylifyMe

  • 4

    Content 101

    • Must Have Content Pieces

    • Write Your About Me Page

    • Writing Your Our Services Page

    • Writing Your Elevator Pitch

    • Leveraging a Site Visitor Welcome

    • Writing a Press Release About Your New Website

  • 5

    Website Design 101 - What you need to know

    • A Quick Look at Wix

    • What Your Website Needs

    • Website and Content Worksheet Downloads

  • 6

    Building the Website

    • Getting Started Building Your Website

    • Wix Navigation 101

    • Picking a Template

    • Website best practices

    • Let's Build A Website

    • Editing the Background

    • Customizing Your Wix Background

    • Creating Pages

    • Adding Additional Pages

    • Adding Graphics and Elements

    • Adding Graphics

    • Customizing Titles and Text

    • Changing Colors and Fonts

    • More about Changing Colors and Fonts

    • Adding Content

    • More on Adding Content

    • Adding a Strip

    • How to Update Your Footer

    • Adding Video to Your Website

    • Gathering Subscribers for Your Website

    • Adding a Blog

    • Adding e-Commerce

    • Adding a Site Member Log In

    • Adding HMTL or iFrames

    • Adding Downloadable Documents

    • Creating FAQs

    • Wix SEO 101

    • Mobile Optimization

    • Using the Mobile Editor

    • Website Enhancements Video

    • App Integration On Wix

    • Preview Your Site and Publish

    • Publishing to Paid Domains

    • Search Engine Optimization

  • 7

    Bonus! Build a Landing Page in 15 minutes

    • Build a Landing Page

Your Investment

Building a website can cost a fortune, but you can save a bundle if you want to build it yourself!